Aaron Jones Signature


Artist / Photographer / Inventor / Master of the Hosemaster Light Painting System / Motion Control Cinematographer and Director

For more than 25 years I produced and shot advertising photography for clients from around the world. The last eight years of my career were spent writing, producing and directing TV spots using motion control combined with my own “Hosemaster" light painting system to achieve the look I had developed in still photography. I retired from advertising in 2002.

I am now working on a personal film project…

Note: Unfortunately these clips can not be seen in their original form. This 1996 reel was shot on beautiful 35mm motion picture film but was transferred to tape in standard definition (360i). In 1996 HD and digital television did not exist. What you see here was digitized from analog Tapes that were over 20 years old…..yes, where did the years go?